Ashes of Billy releasing EP: THE RIGHT PLACE

Ashes of Billy – The three kids (13, 14, and 15 years old) from Roskilde, Denmark, Ashes of Billy, are ready with 4 new songs, which were recorded and mixed in Big Six studios over the Christmas holidays, and mastered by The Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica) in Sweet Silence Studios at the end of January.

Listen to all the songs on Spotify:

Ashes of Billy

The cover for the EP was made by OpenAI’s artificial intelligence DALL-E 2. The song ‘The right place’ is about having the heart in the “right place”. We think it was super cool to have a heartless computer intelligence illustrate the message.

Stylistically, the boys place themselves somewhere between grunge, heavy rock, metal and punk. The role models range from Seattle’s grunge scene and over the classic heavy bands.

The level and talent is for real and we hope you will give them a chance.

Ashes of Billy was formed in 2021, and in the autumn of 2022 they released their first EP, Playdate, which you can also find on Spotify, among others.

Ashes of Billy member

Daniel Aabenhus Hermann, born in 2007, has been playing guitar and singing since 2019. In 9th grade. Plays primarily Fender, LTD and Ibanez. Love Metallica, Megadeth, Oasis, In Flames, Alice in Chains and just about every other good band around the world and from all styles. Also has a slightly weird taste for extreme death metal.

Anton Stampe, born in 2009, has been playing bass since 2018. He is in the 7th grade. Plays primarily Jackson and Squire. Love HEAVY in every guise. Anton joined Ashes of Billy in the spring of 2022 and is a super cool bass player who knows his stuff and runs around stage – even if the bass is about the same size as Anton.

Johan Borgaa, born in 2008, has been playing drums since 2014. In 8th grade. Plays primarily Tama and Yamaha. Loves rock, grunge and heavy and is a big fan of Lars Ulrich. Was born into a family with many great jazz musicians. Plays super cool and fills every microscopic hole with double pedals and toms. Johan actually has an identical twin, Mads.

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